To request keys to the Facilities, Please use this form:

Facilities Key Request Form

The WOODLAKE FOREST IV HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION spends thousands of dollars each year to maintain the pool and tennis facilities for the exclusive use of homeowners and residents. The Board of Trustees has established rules for the issuance of pool keys to eliminate the unauthorized use (by non-residents of WFIV) to prevent potential damage to the facilities and any potential legal liabilities to the Homeowners Association. These rules are as follows:

  • All keys issued require the signature of the resident homeowner.  ONE (1) key will be issued to each homeowner at no charge.
  • Replacement for lost or misplaced keys will be available for a $100 fee.
  • Homeowners selling their property should return the key to the person in charge of pool keys. The new owner will be issued a key in their name who must sign for it.
  • Homeowners selling their property who fail to return the key, prior to closing, will be assessed a $100 fee to be collected at the time of closing.
  • The Board of Trustees of WFIV HOA urges all residents when selling or renting to return their key to the key contact person.  DO NOT GIVE THE KEY TO THE NEW OWNER/TENANT. New owners or tenants will be issued a key in their own name.
  • TENANTS are required to pay a refundable deposit of $100 and sign for the key in order to use the recreational facilities. The deposit will be returned within thirty [30] days after the key has been returned.
  • The pool key must be used to keep the gate locked at all times.