Satellite Dish



TillS NOTICE  OF SATELLITE DISH  ANTENNAE GUIDELINES is made on the date of signing  set  forth  hereinafter.  The  maps  or  Plats  of WOODLAKE  FOREST   l V  SUBDMSION, Section  "A,"  Section  "B," and Section  "C"  are filed of record under Volume  193, Page  137, Volume 220, Page 28, and Volume  285, Page 87, respectively,  of the Map Records  of Harris County,  Texas.

All Sections  of WOODLAKE FOREST  IV  SUBDMSION  are burdened  by restrictive  covenants. The Declaration  of Covenants  and Restrictions, Woodlake  Forest  IV, Section "A"  are filed of record under  County Clerk's File No. 0836442 and amended  by instrument  filed under County Clerk's File No.  F342487.  The Declaration  of Covenants  and Restrictions,  Woodlake  Forest IV, Section  "B"  are filed  of record under  County  Clerk's  File  No.  El89316  and  amended  by  instruments   filed  under County  Clerk's File No. E693514 and No.  F342487.  The Declaration of Covenants  and Restrictions, Woodlake  Forest IV, Section "C" are filed of record under County Clerk's File No.  0990042.

Pursuant    to   the   aforementioned   Restrictions,    the   Woodlake   Forest    IV   Homeowners Association,  Inc.'s Board  of Trustees  (acting in its capacity as the subdivision's Architectural Control Committee)  is authorized to promulgate guidelines  relative  to the installation of improvements upon the lots within  WOODLAKE FOREST  IV  SUBDMSION,  Section  "A,"  Section  "B,"  and  Section "C,"  and  the  Architectural  Control   Committee   is empowered  to  enforce  same.  Satellite   Dish Antennae  are improvements and, thus installation of such antennae are subject to these Architectural Control guidelines.  In this regard,  article VIII of each of the above referenced  Restrictions  provides as follows:

All construction  and development  in the Properties  shall be subject to the approval of the Review  Board,  and no building,  structure  or other  improvements,  including but  not limited  to  Townhouses,  exterior  painting,  and  facilities   of the  Common Properties,  shall  be commenced, erected,  constructed  or placed upon the Properties, and  no  changes   or  alterations shall  be  made  to  any  building  or  improvements hereafter  constructed  or placed thereon,  unless and until the plans and specifications therefor  (specifying,  in such  form  as  the  Review  Board  may  reasonably  require, structural,  mechanical,  electrical  and  plumbing  detail  and  the  nature,  kind,  shape, height,  exterior color scheme  materials  and location  of the proposed  improvements or alterations thereto, together  with site landscaping and grading plans,  and plans for offstreet parking of vehicles) have been first submitted to and approved  in writing by the  Review  Board  as  to  minimum  structural  and  mechanical  standards,  quality of materials,   harmony   of exterior  design  and  colors   with  existing  structures,   and location  and  situation  on  the  Lot  with  respect   to  topography,  finished   ground elevation,  property and building lines, easements,  walks and parking spaces.


Pursuant  to this  authority,  the Woodlake  Forest  IV Homeowners Association,  Inc.'s Board of Trustees  met in conjunction  with its Architectural  Control Committee  and promulgated guidelines for  the  installation  of satellite  dish  antennae  within  WOODLAKE FOREST  IV  SUBDIVISION, Section  "A,"  Section  "B,"  and  Section  'C," the effective date of said guidelines  being  October 30, 1997. The satellite dish antennae guidelines  as promulgated are as follows:

A     Only one  satellite  dish antenna  for each service  provider  may  be installed  on any residential  lot within  WOODLAKE FOREST  IV  SUBDIVISION, Section "A," Section "B," or Section "C"

B.       A satellite  dish antenna  shall  not exceed one meter  in diameter  or in diagonal measurement.

C.       A   satellite  dish   antenna  must   be  installed   within  the   boundaries  of the townhome  Lot,  and  may not  be installed  upon  the  Common  Properties  of the subdivision.

D.       A satellite dish antenna shall not be erected as a free-standing structure,  must be attached to the Townhouse,  and shall be erected so as to minimi.ze its view from the street side of the Townhouse, so long as such location does not impair the ability of the dish or antenna to receive a signal of acceptable quality.

E.        A Satellite dish Antenna may be required by the Board of Trustees to be painted and/or screened to  reduce its visibility, so long as such requirement does not impair the ability of the dish or antenna to receive a signal of acceptable quality.

The installation of any satellite dish antenna within WOODLAKE FOREST IV, SUBDMSION, Section  "A,"  Section  "B,"  and Section "C,"  must comply in all respects with Article VIII of the Restrictions  and with the aforementioned guidelines.  These guidelines may be modified from time to time by the Woodlake Forest Homeowners Association,  Inc. 's Board of Trustees should same be deemed in the best interest of the WOODLAKE FOREST IV SUBDMSION.  Section "A,"  Section "B,"  and Section "C,"  and the residents thereof. Any such modification hereto shall be by written instrument and shall be filed of record in the Real Property Records of Harris County, Texas.

WOODLAKE FOREST  IV HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION, INC., A Texas Non-Profit Corporation, and its Architectural Control Committee