DCR Section B

THIS  DECLARATION,  made  on   the date hereinafter  set forth by MARVIN  HENRY  BUILDERS,  INC.,  and WATONGA  INVESTMENT  CORPORATION, INC.,  both corporations,  hereinafter  together  referred to  as "Declarant."

 W   I   T   N    E   S    S    E    T   H:


WHEREAS,  Declarant  is the owner  of the  real  property described in Article  III of  this Declaration  and desires  to  create thereon  a residential  townhouse  community  with designated  "Lots"  and "Common Properties"  and "Common  Facilities"  (as those terms  are defined herein) for the benefit  of the  present  and future owners  of  said Lots;  and

WHEREAS,  Declarant  desires  to  provide for the preservation  of the  values  and amenities  in  said community  and for the  maintenance of said  Common  Properties  and Common  Facilities,  and,  to this  end, desires to subject  the  real  property described in  Article  III, together with  such additions  as may  hereafter  be made  thereto  (as provided in  Article  III),  to the  covenants,  restrictions,  easements, charges  and liens  hereinafter set  forth, each  and all of which  is and are for the benefit  of said  property  and each owner  thereof;  and

WHEREAS,  Declarant  has  deemed it desirable,  for the efficient preservation  of  the  values  and amenities  in  said community,  to create  an agency to  which  will  be delegated  and assigned  the  powers of maintaining  and administering  the  Common Properties  and Common Facilities  and administering  and enforcing  the  covenants  and res­ trictions  and collecting  and disbursing  the assessments  and charges hereinafter created; and

WHEREAS,  Declarant  shall  cause a non­profit  corporation to be incorporated  under the  laws  of the  State  of  Texas,  for the  purpose of exercising  the functions  aforesaid;

NOW,  THEREFORE,  the Declarant  declares that  the real property described  in Article  III, and such  additions  thereto  as may hereafter  be made  pursuant to  Article  III hereof,  is and shall  be held,  transferred,  sold,  conveyed, occupied  and enjoyed  subject  to the covenants,  restrictions,  easements,  charges  and liens  (sometimes referred to  herein collectively  as  "covenants  and restrictions") hereinafter set  forth. 




The  following  words  when used  in this  Declaration  (unless the context  shall  prohibit)  shall  have the  following  meanings:

(a)  "Association"  shall  mean  and refer to the  non­profit corporation which  Declarant  shall  cause to  be incorporated  as herein provided, its successors  and assigns.

(b)   "Woodlake  Forest  IV  Subdivision"  shall  mean and  refer to Woodlake  Forest  IV,  Section  "B",  and all subsequent Sections of Woodlake  Forest  IV  brought  within the  scheme  of this  De­ claration.

(c)  "The  Properties"  shall  mean and  refer to  the properties described  in Article  III hereof  and additions  thereto, which are subject  to this  Declaration  and any Supplemental Declaration.

(d)   "Subdivision  Plat" shall  mean and  refer to  the map  or plat of Woodlake  Forest  IV  Section  "B" recorded  in  Volume  207,  Page 106   of the  Map  Records  of  Harris  County,  Texas.

(e)  "Lot"  and/or  "Lots" shall  mean  and refer to the  enumerated Lots  comprising  each of  the seventeen (17) designated Tracts shown upon  the  Subdivision  Plat.  References  herein to "the Lots  (each  Lot)  in Woodlake  Forest  IV  Subdivision" shall  mean and  refer to  Lots  as defined  respectively  in  this Declaration  and all Supplemental  Declarations.

(f)  "Common  Properties"  shall  mean  and refer to all  those areas of land  within the  Properties  as shown  on   the Subdivision Plat,  except the  Lots  and the streets  not  designated  as Private Streets  or Private  Drives,  together  with such other property as the Association  may,  at  any time  or  from  time  to time,  acquire by   purchase or otherwise,  subject,  however,  to the  easements, limitations,  restrictions,  dedications  and reservations applicable thereto  by   virtue  hereof,  and/or  by   virtue  of the Subdivision  Plat,  and/or by   virtue  of  prior grants or dedications  by   Declarant  or  Declarant's  predecessors in  title. References  herein  to the  "Common  Properties  in Woodlake  Forest IV  Subdivision"  shall  mean and  refer to  Common  Properties  as defined  respectively  in  this Declaration  and all  Supplemental Declarations.

(g)   "Common  Facilities"  shall  mean  and refer to all  existing and subsequently  provided improvements  upon or  within  the Common  Properties  except those  as may  be expressly  excluded herein.  In some  instances Common  Facilities  may  consist  of improvements  for the  use  and benefit  of  the Owners  of  all of the Lots  constructed  on   portions  of  one or  more  Lots.  By  way  of illustration,  Common  Facilities  may  include,  but not necessarily  be limited  to, the  following:  structures for recreation,  storage or protection  of equipment;  fountains; statuary;  sidewalks;  private  streets;  common  driveways;  guest parking spaces;  landscaping; force main;  and other  similar  or appurtenant  improvements.  References  herein to "the Common Facilities  (any  Common  Facility)  in  Woodlake  Forest  IV Subdivision"  shall  mean  and refer to Common Facilities  as defined  respectively  in  this Declaration  and all  Supplemental Declarations.

(h)   "Supplemental  Declaration"  shall  mean and  refer to  any Supplemental  Declaration  of  Covenants  and Restrictions  bringing additional  property  within the  scheme  of this  Declaration  under the authority  provided in  Article  III hereof.  References  herein to provisions  contained in "all  (any)  Supplemental Declarations"  shall  relate to  the respective  properties  covered by   such Supplemental  Declarations.

(i)  "Townhouse"  shall  mean and  refer to  any single  family residential  unit  situated  upon a Lot  or  Lots.

(j)  "Owner"  shall  mean  and refer to the  record  owner,  whether one or  more  persons or entities,  of  the fee simple  title to  any Lot  situated  upon the  Properties,  but,  notwithstanding  any applicable theory  of the  mortgage,  shall  not mean  or refer to any mortgagee  unless  and until  such mortgagee  has acquired title  pursuant to  foreclosure  or any proceedings in  lieu  of foreclosure. References  herein to  "the Owners  in Woodlake Forest  IV  Subdivision"  shall  mean  and refer to Owners  as defined  respectively  in  this Declaration  and all  Supplemental Declarations.

(k)   "Member"  shall  mean and  refer to  all those Owners  who  are members  of the  Association  as provided in  Article  IV,  Section 4, hereof,  together  with all  the  Owners  in Woodlake  Forest  IV Subdivision  who  are members  of the  Association  as provided in all Supplemental  Declarations.



 Reservations,   Exceptions   and   Dedications

 Section  1.  Existing   Easements.      The  Subdivision  Plat dedicates for use as such, subject  to  the limitations  set  forth  therein, certain streets and easements  shown  thereon,  and such Subdivision  Plat also establishes  certain dedications,  limitations,  reservations,  and restrictions applicable  to the  Properties.  Further,  and Declarant Declarant's  predecessors in  title  have heretofore  granted, created and dedicated, by   several  recorded instruments,  certain  other easements  and related  rights  for public  utility  purposes affecting  the  Properties.

All  dedications,  limitations,  reservations and restrictions  shown  on the Subdivision  Plat  and all  grants  and dedications  of easements  and related  rights  heretofore  made  by   Declarant  and Declarant's predecessors in  title  affecting  the Properties  are incorporated  herein by   reference and made  a part  of  this Declaration  for all  purposes,  as if fully set forth herein,  and shall  be construed  as being adopted in each and every  contract,  deed or  conveyance executed  or  to be executed by   or  on   behalf  of Declarant  conveying  any part  of the  Properties.

 Section  2.  Changes   and  Additions.      Declarant  reserves the right  to make  changes in  and additions  to  the  above easements  for the purpose of most  efficiently  and economically  installing  the improvements.

 Section  3.  Title   to   Easements   and  Appurtenances   Not   Conveyed. Title  to  any Lot  conveyed by   Declarant  by   contract,  deed or  other conveyance shall  not be held or  construed  in  any event to  include the title  to  any roadways  or  any drainage,  water,  gas, sewer,  storm sewer,  electric  light,  electric  power,  telegraph  or  telephone way  or any pipes, lines,  poles or conduits  on   or  in  any utility  facility  or appurtenance  thereto  constructed  by   or under Declarant  or  its  agents through,  along or  upon any  Lot  or  any part  thereof  to  serve said Lot,  or  any other portion  of the  Properties,  and the  right to maintain,  repair,  sell  or  lease  such appurtenances to  any municipality,  or other  governmental  agency or  to  any public  service corporation or to  any other party  is hereby expressly  reserved in Declarant.

 Section  4.  Minor   Encroachments.      Each  lot  and the  property  included in the  Common Properties  shall  be subject  to a perpetual  easement  for minor  encroachments  from  adjoining Lots  which  are caused or  created  by  unintentional  error in construction,  settling,  shifting  of  soil, protrusions  and overhangs,  and a temporary  easement  for ingress  and egress  during and in  connection with the  maintenance  and construction  of improvements  on   adjacent property.

 Section  5.  Installation   and  Maintenance.      There is hereby created  an easement  upon,  across,  over  and under all  of  the Properties  for ingress  and egress, installing,  replacing,  repairing and maintaining  all utilities,  including,  but  not  limited  to,  water, sewer,  telephone,  electricity,  gas and appurtenances  thereto.  By virtue  of  this easement,  it shall  be expressly  permissible  for the utility  companies  and other entities  supplying service  to  affix  and maintain  pipes,  wires,  conduits,  service lines  or  other utility facilities  or  appurtenances  thereto, on, above,  across  and under the Properties.  Notwithstanding  anything to  the contrary contained in this paragraph,  no   sewer,  electrical  lines,  water  lines,  or  other utilities or appurtenances thereto  may  be installed  or relocated on the Properties  until  approved by   Declarant  or  the Association's Board  of Trustees.

 Section  6.  Guest   Parking   Spaces   and  Sidewalks.      An  easement  is hereby granted  upon and across  all  portions  of the  Common  Properties constructed  for and utilized  as guest  parking spaces,  and  upon and across  all  areas within  four (4) feet  on   either  side of  the  center line  of  all portions  of  the Common  Properties  constructed  for  and utilized  as sidewalks;  provided, however,  that  such easement  shall not  cover  any area  included  within the  portion  of  a Lot  on  which  is situated  a Townhouse.  Such  easement  shall  be for the  common  use  and benefit  of all  Members,  and their guests  or  invitees,  and  their right  to use the  same  for ingress and egress  shall  be had at all  times,  except as may  be limited  by   the Board  of Trustees  of the Association.  The  Association  shall  have the  right  to remove  or require  the removal  of  any obstruction  that  may  be placed in  such easement  that  would  constitute  an interference with  its  intended use.

 Section  7.  Private   Streets   and  Drives.      The  "Private  Streets" and "Private  Drives"  situated  in the  Common Properties  shall  be construed  to  be an easement  available for the general  use  of the Members,  and their  guests  and invitees,  and for public  ingress  and egress for the  benefit  of  the Lots  to  the extent  required  by  applicable governmental  regulations.

 Section  8.  Minor   Curb   Line  Encroachments.      Each  Lot  and the property included  in the  Common Properties  shall  be subject  to an easement  for encroachment  by   the  curb line  of  any Private  Street  or Drive situated  in  the Common  Properties  onto said  Lots  and/or  Common Properties  to  the extent  and subject  to  the limitations  hereinafter set  forth. Said  easement  shall  be up   to  one (1) foot in  width and shall  be along  and parallel  to the  outside  boundaries of such Private Streets  or Drives  where  such boundaries are  common  with  the boundary lines  of  said Lots  and/or Common Properties;  provided, however,  that  such easement  shall  not  cover  any area  included  within the portion  of a Lot  on   which  is situated  a Townhouse.

 Section  9.  Emergency   and  Service   Vehicles.      An  easement  is hereby granted  to  all police,  fire protection,  ambulance  and other emergency  vehicles,  and to  garbage and trash  collection  vehicles and other service vehicles to  enter upon the  Properties  in the performance  of their  duties.  Further,  an easement  is hereby granted to the  Association,  its  officers,  agents,  employees,  and management personnel  to enter the  Properties  to render  any service.

 Section  10.   Surface   Areas.      The  surface of easement  areas for underground utility  services may  be paved for streets,  driveways and/or may  be used  for planting  of shrubbery,  trees,  lawns,  or flowers.  However,  neither  the Declarant  nor  any supplier  of  any utility  or service using  any easement  area shall  be liable  to  any Owner  or to  the Association  for any  damage done  by   them  or either  of them,  or their  respective agents,  employees,  servants or assigns,  to the pavement  or  to  any of  the aforesaid  vegetation  as a result  of any activity  relating  to the  construction,  maintenance  or  repair  of any facility  in  any such  easement  area.



Property  Subject   to   this   Declaration

 Section  1.  Description.      The  real property  which  is, and shall  be, held,  transferred,  sold, conveyed and occupied  subject  to  this Declaration  is that  certain  14.653 acre  tract  of land  out  of the John D.  Taylor League,  Abstract  72,  Harris  County,  Texas,  which  has heretofore  been platted  into that  certain  residential  subdivision known   as Woodlake  Forest  IV  Section "B",  according to  the Subdivision  Plat,  or  any subsequently  recorded replat  thereof,  all of which  real  property is sometimes  hereinafter referred to  as the "Existing  Property".

 Section  2.  Mineral   Exception.   There is hereby excepted  from  the Properties  and Declarant  will  hereafter  except from  all its  sales and conveyances of  the  Properties,  or  any part  thereof,  including the Lots  and the  Common Properties,  all oil, gas  and other  minerals in,  on   and under  the  Properties,  but Declarant  hereby waives,  and will  waive  in  each such conveyance,  its  right  to use the  surface of such land  for exploration  for or development  of  oil, gas  and other minerals;  provided that  Declarant  hereby retains and reserves and in each such conveyance will  retain and reserve the  right to  pool such land with  other lands for development  of oil,  gas  and other minerals and the  right  to drill  under  and through  the  subsurface  of such land below  the  depth of one hundred feet  (100').  Such  exceptions  and such retained rights and reservations shall  inure  to  the benefit  of Declarant,  its successors  and assigns.

 Section  3.  Additions   to   Existing   Property.   Additional  lands  may become  subject  to  this Declaration  in  the following  manner:

(a)  Additions  by   Declarant.     The  Declarant,  its successors and assigns,  shall  have the  right  to bring  within  the scheme  of  this Declaration  additional  properties  in future stages of  the development,  upon the  approval  of  the Board  of Trustees  of the Association,  in  its  sole discretion.  Any  additions  authorized  under this and the  succeeding subsection,  shall  be made  by   filing  of record a Supplemental  Declaration  of Covenants  and Restrictions  with respect  to the  additional  property which  shall  extend the scheme  of the  covenants and restrictions of  this Declaration  to  such property and the  execution  thereof by   the  members  of  the Board  of Trustees  of the Association  shall  constitute  all  requisite  evidence of the required  approval  thereof by   such Board  of Trustees.  Such Supplemental  Declaration  may  contain  such complementary  additions and/or modifications  of  the  covenants and restrictions contained in this Declaration  as may  be applicable  to the  additional  lands.

(b)   Other  Additions.     Upon  the approval of  the Board  of Trustees  of the Association,  in  its  sole discretion,  the  owner  of  any property who  desires to add it to the  scheme  of this  Declaration  and to subject  it to  the jurisdiction  of  the Association  may  file of  record a Supplemental  Declaration  of  Covenants  and Restrictions  upon the satisfaction  of  the conditions  specified  in  subsection  (a) above.

(c)  Mergers.     Upon   a merger  or consolidation  of  the Association with another association,  the Association's  properties,  rights, and obligations  may  be transferred  to  another  surviving or consolidated association  or,  alternatively,  the properties, rights  and obligations  of  another  association  may  be added to the properties,  rights,  and obligations  of the  Association  as a surviving corporation pursuant to  a merger.  The  surviving or consolidated association  shall  administer  the covenants and restrictions established  by   this Declaration, together with  the  covenants and restrictions applicable  to the properties  of  the other association  as  one scheme.  No  such merger  or  consolidation, however,  shall  effect any revocation, change or  addition  to  the covenants established  by   this Declaration.



 The   Association

 Section    1.      Organization.      The  Declarant  shall  cause  the Association  to  be organized and formed as  a non­profit  corporation.

 Section    2.      Purpose  The purpose  of  the  Association  in  general shall  be to  provide for and promote  the health,  safety and  welfare of the  Members,  to collect the  annual  maintenance  charges  and special  assessments  and to  administer  the Maintenance  Fund,  to provide for the maintenance,  repair,  preservation,  upkeep, and protection  of  the Common  Properties  and Facilities  in  Woodlake Forest  IV  Subdivision,  and such  other purposes as are stated  in  the Articles  of  Incorporation consistent with  the provisions  of  this Declaration  and all Supplemental  Declarations.

 Section  3.    Trustees.      The  Association  Shall  act  through a three (3) member  Board  of  Trustees,  which  shall  manage  the  affairs of the  Association.  The  initial Trustees of  the Association  shall  be selected by   Declarant.  Each  initial Trustee shall  serve for an initial term  of  five  (5) years  and thereafter  until  his successor  is duly elected  and qualified.  After  the expiration  of  the term  of  the initial Trustees,  the Members  shall  elect  a Board  of Trustees  as provided for in  the bylaws.  Any  vacancy, from  whatever  cause, occurring  in the  Board  of  Trustees during the initial five  (5) year term  shall  be filled  by   appointment  made  by   the remaining  Trustee or Trustees.  The  person appointed by   the remaining  Trustee or Trustees to fill such vacancy shall  serve for the  remainder  of  the initial five  (5) year  term  and until  his  successor is duly elected  and qualified.

 Section  4.    Members.      Each  Owner,  whether  one or  more  persons or entities,  of  a Lot  shall,  upon and  by   virtue  of becoming  such Owner,  automatically  become  a Member  of  the Association  and shall remain  a Member  thereof until  his ownership  ceases for any reason, at which  time  his membership  in  the Association  shall  automatically cease. Membership  in the  Association  shall  be appurtenant  to and shall  automatically  follow  the  legal  ownership  of  each Lot  and may not  be separated  from  such ownership.  Whenever  the  legal  ownership of  any Lot  passes from  one person to  another,  by   whatever  means,  it shall  not  be necessary  that  any instrument  provide for transfer  of membership  in  the Association,  and no   certificate  of membership  will be issued.

 Section  5.    Voting   Rights.      The  Association  shall  have  two classes  of voting membership:

 Class  A.      Class A  Members  shall  be all  the  Members  of  the Association  with the  exception  of  the Declarant.  Class  A Members  shall  be entitled  to  one vote for each Lot  in  Woodlake Forest  IV  Subdivision  in which  they  hold the  interests  required for membership  by   this Declaration  or  any Supplemental Declaration.  When  more  than  one person holds  such interest or interests in any such  Lot,  all  such persons  shall  be Members, and the  vote for such Lot  shall  be exercised  as they among themselves  determine,  but  in no   event  shall  more  than  one vote be cast  with respect  to  any such  Lot.

 Class  B.    The Class  B  Member  shall  be the  Declarant.  The  Class B  Member  shall  be entitled  to  four (4) votes for each Lot  in Woodlake  Forest  IV  Subdivision  in  which  it holds the  interest required  for membership  by   this  Declaration  or  any Supplemental Declaration;  provided that  the  Class  B  membership  shall  cease and  become converted  to  Class A  membership  on   the  happening of the following  events,  whichever  occurs earlier:

(a)  when  the total  votes outstanding  in the  Class  A membership  equal the  total  votes outstanding  in  the Class B membership;  or

(b)   on   January 1,  1979.

 From  and  after  the  happening of  whichever  of these  events occurs earlier,  the Class B  Member  shall  be  deemed to  be a Class A  Member  entitled  to  one vote for each Lot  in  Woodlake Forest  IV  Subdivision  in which  it holds the interest required for membership  by   this Declaration  or  any Supplemental Declaration. 

 Section  6.    Title   to  Common   Properties

The  Declarant  may retain the  legal  title to  the Common  Properties  and common  Facili­ ties  in  Woodlake  Forest  IV  Subdivision  until  such time  as it has completed  improvements  thereon  and until  such time  as,  in  the sole opinion of Declarant,  the Association  is able to operate and main­ tain the  same.  Until  title to  such Common Properties  and Facilities has been conveyed to  the  Association  by   Declarant,  Declarant  shall be entitled  to exercise all rights  and privileges  relating  to  such Common  Properties  and Facilities  granted to  the Association  herein and in  all  Supplemental  Declarations.



 Property  Rights   in  the   Common  Properties and  Common   Facilities

 Section  1.    Members'   Easements   of   Enjoyment.      Subject  to the provisions  of  Section 2  of this  Article  V,   every Member  shall  have a common  right and easement  of enjoyment  in  and to  the  Common Properties  and Common Facilities  in  Woodlake  Forest  IV  Subdivision, and such  right and easement  shall  be appurtenant  to  and shall  pass with the  title to  each Lot  in  Woodlake  Forest  IV  Subdivision.

 Section  2.    Extent   of   Members'   Easements.      The  rights  and  ease­ ments  of enjoyment  created  hereby shall  be subject  to  the following:

The  Declarant  has the express right  to borrow  funds for the maintenance  fund  and to  furnish  any instruments  that may  be necessary to secure the payment  of the  same  for and in  behalf  of the association, said  funds to  be repaid  from  the maintenance  funds as they are received  from  the  Purchaser.

(a)  the  right of  the Association,  in  its  discretion,  to charge reasonable admission  and other  fees for the use of the recreational  facilities  located  on   the  Common Properties  in Woodlake  Forest  IV  Subdivision  and to  make,  publish,  and enforce reasonable rules and regulations governing the  use and enjoyment  of such Common  on   Properties  and Facilities  or any part  thereof,  all of which  reasonable  rules  and regulations shall  be binding  upon, complied  with,  and observed  by   each Member.  These rules  and regulations  may  include provisions  to govern  and control  the  use of  such Common Properties  and Facilities  by   guests  or  invitees of  the Members,  including, without  limitation,  the number  of  guests  or  invitees who  may use such Common Properties  and Facilities  or  any part  thereof at the  same  time;  and

(b)   the  right of  the Association  to grant  or  dedicate easements  in,  on,  under  or  above such Common  Properties  or any part  thereof  to  any public  or  governmental  agency or authority or to  any utility  company  for any service  to Woodlake  Forest  IV Subdivision  or  any park thereof;  and

(c)  the  right of  the Association  to transfer  title  to any storm  sewer  line,  sanitary sewer  line,  water  line,  or  any other utility  facility  or  equipment  situated  in  any part  of  such Common  Properties  and  owned by   the  Association  to  any public  or political  authority  or agency or to  any utility  company rendering or to  render service  to  Woodlake  Forest  IV Subdivision  or  any part  thereof;  and

(d)   the  right of  the Association  to dedicate  as public  streets the Private Streets and Drives  in  such Common Properties,  which are available for purposes of  access to  Woodlake  Forest  IV Subdivision  by   the  public;  and

(e)  the  right of  the Association  to suspend the  voting rights of a Member  and his  right  to  use any recreational  facility  on such Common Properties  during the period  he is in  default  in excess of  thirty (30)  days in  the payment  of  any maintenance charge or  special  assessment  against his  Lot;  and to  suspend such rights  for a period  not to  exceed sixty  (60)  days for any infractions  of its published  rules and regulations;  the aforesaid  rights  of  the Association  shall  not  be exclusive,  but shall  be cumulative  of  and in  addition  to  all other rights  and remedies  which  the  Association  may  have in this  Declaration,  in any Supplemental  Declaration,  in its Bylaws,  or  at law  or  in equity,  on   account of  any such  default  or  infraction;  and

(f)  the  rights and easements  existing  or  hereinafter created in favor  of  others,  as provided for in Article  II hereof;  and (g)  the restrictions  as to use of  such Common Properties provided for in  Article  XII  hereof  and in  all Supplemental Declarations.

 Section  3.    Delegation   of   Use.      Any  Member  may  delegate  his right  of use and enjoyment  of the  Common Properties  and Facilities  in Woodlake  Forest  IV  Subdivision,  together with  all easement  rights granted to Members  in  the Declaration  and all Supplemental  Declara­ tions,  to  the members  of his  family,  his  tenants,  or contract  purchasers who  reside on   his Lot.  The  term  "Member"  is further  defined to include  and refer to  the executors,  personal  representatives  and administrators  of  any Member,  and all other persons,  firms,  or corporations acquiring  or  succeeding to  the title  of the  Member  by sale,  grant,  will,  foreclosure,  execution, or  by   any legal  process, or by   operation of law,  or in  any other legal  manner.



 Regular   Annual   and  Special   Assessments

 Section  1.    The  Maintenance   Fund.      All  funds collected  by   the Association  from  the  regular annual  maintenance  charges  and from special  assessments  as provided for in this  Article,  together  with all funds collected  by   the  Association  from  the regular  annual maintenance  charges  and special  assessments  imposed on   other  Lots  in Woodlake  Forest  IV  Subdivision  by   all Supplemental  Declarations, shall  constitute  and be known   as the  "Maintenance  Fund."  The  Main­ tenance  Fund shall  be held,  used  and expended by   the  Association  for the common  benefit  of  all Members  for the following  purposes,  to­ wit:  to  promote  the health,  safety,  recreation  and welfare  of  the Members;  to  pay the expenses for the  common  services rendered  for the common  benefit  of  the Members;  to  pay the  expenses of  sanitary sewer  service for Woodlake  Forest  IV  Subdivision;  to  pay the expenses for water,  gas, electricity,  telephone,  storm  sewer  service and all other utilities or services furnished  to the  Common Properties  in  Woodlake  Forest  IV  Subdivision  or  any of  the improvements  thereon,  or  any part  thereof;  to  pay the  expenses for the perpetual  care,  maintenance  and repair  of  the Private Streets and Drives;  to  pay the  expenses for the maintenance,  repair,  care, upkeep,  beautification,  protection,  taxes,  insurance,  replacement, reconstruction,  management,  supervision  and operation  of or  for the Common  Properties  in Woodlake  Forest  IV  Subdivision,  and the improvements  thereon,  or  any part  thereof;  to  pay for capital improvements  to  such Common Properties;  to  pay the  expenses of administration  and management  of the  Association;  to  pay salaries  of employees  of the  Association;  to  pay all  taxes  and other  public  dues or charges which  the  Association  shall  be required  to  pay;  and to pay all other charges,  costs or  expenses lawfully  incurred by   the Association;  all  of  which  charges,  costs,  taxes  and expenses to  be incurred or  paid by   the Association  are sometimes  referred to  in this Declaration  and Supplemental  Declarations  as the "common expenses" or the  "common  expenses of the  Members". The  Association  may  in its sole discretion  give one or more  of the aforesaid  purposes preference  over other  purposes,  and all  expenses incurred and expenditures  and decisions  made  by   the Association  in good faith shall  be binding  and conclusive  on   all Members.

 Section  2.    Covenant   for  Assessments.      Each and every  Lot (except  Lots  owned  by   Declarant  or builders  as provided for in the following  Section) is hereby severally  subjected to  and impressed with the  following  charges  and assessments  which  shall  run  with  the land  and shall  be in the  same  and equal  amounts  for each Lot  re­ gardless of  its  size,  value or cost,  tow it:

(a)  A  regular annual  maintenance  charge or  assessment  in  the amount  of  $450.00 per  annum  per  Lot,  subject  to  increase or decrease  and payable as provided in  Section 4  below; and,

(b)   Special  assessments  as provided for in  Section 5  below. Each  owner  of  a Lot  subject  to assessment  as above provided,  by his claim  or assertion  of  ownership  or by   accepting  a deed to  any such Lot,  whether  or not it shall  be so expressed in  such deed,  is hereby conclusively  deemed  to  covenant  and agree,  as a covenant running with the  land,  to  pay to  the  Association,  its  successors or assigns,  each  and all of the  charges  and assessments  against his  Lot as the  same  shall  become due  and  payable,  without  demand.  The charges  and assessments  herein  provided for shall  be a charge and a continuing lien  upon each  Lot,  together  with all  improvements thereon, as hereinafter  more  particularly  stated.  Each  assessment, together with  interest,  costs and reasonable  attorneys  fees shall also  be the personal obligation  of the  person who  is the  owner  of the Lot  at the  time  the obligation  to  pay such  assessment  accrues, but  no   Member  shall  be personally  liable  for the  payment  of  any assessment  made  or becoming  due and payable  after his ownership ceases.  No  Member  shall  be exempt  or excused from  paying  any regular or special assessment  by   waiver  of the  use or  enjoyment  of the Common  Properties  or Facilities  in Woodlake  Forest  IV  Subdivision  or any part  thereof  or  by   abandonment  of  his Lot  or his  interest therein.

 Section  3.    Lots   Owned   by    Declarant   or  Builders.      No  Lot  owned  by Declarant  or a builder  shall  be subject  to  any regular annual maintenance  charge or  special  assessment  while  it is owned  by Declarant  or a builder  unless  and until  a  Townhouse shall  have been built  thereon  and three (3) months  shall  have elapsed  since the substantial  completion  of  such Townhouse,  or the  Townhouse  shall have been permitted  to be occupied,  whichever  shall  first occur.  It shall  be the  duty of each builder  to notify  the Association  at the time  a  Townhouse has  been  substantially  completed  or permitted  to  be occupied.  The  term  "substantial  completion"  as used herein  shall mean  that  the Townhouse  is ready  for sale or occupancy,  except for  minor  items  which  must  be furnished, completed,  corrected  or adjusted.  It also  shall  be the  duty of each builder  to notify  the Association  at the  time  a Lot  owned  by   a builder  is sold.  The  term "builder" for the purposes of  this Declaration  is defined  as any person,  firm,  corporation or other  entity  who  is engaged in  the business  of  building  houses for sale or  rental purposes,  and not  for his or its personal  use or occupancy.  Whenever  a Lot  owned  by Declarant  or a builder  becomes  subject  to  assessment  as provided for in this  Section,  the  Declarant  or  builder  will  maintain  all landscaping, the  sidewalks  and drives,  on   such Lot,  until  such time as that  lot  and the  improvements  thereon  is sold  and the  Purchaser pays his  proportionate  fee into  the association,  such being treated and assessed  as  any other Lot  which  is subject  to  assessment.

 Section  4.    The  Annual   Maintenance   Charge.      The  regular  annual maintenance  charge or  assessment  shall  be due and payable  to  the Association  annually,  in advance,  and without  demand,  on   the  first day of  January of  each calendar  year;  provided,  however,  that  on the date of  the purchase of  his Lot  (as  evidenced by   the  date  of  his deed or  his  occupancy, whichever  is earlier)  each Member  shall  pay to the  Association  a prorata  part  of the  regular annual maintenance  charge,  which  shall  bear the  same  ratio  to the  full annual amount  as the  number  of days remaining  in the  year  of purchase bears to  365   days.

The  Board  of Trustees  of the  Association  may  decrease or in­ crease the  amount  of the  regular annual  maintenance  charge or assessment  provided for herein at  any time  and from  time  to  time  by the adoption  of  a resolution  for such purpose, but no   resolution increasing  the  regular annual  maintenance  charge assessment  shall become  effective  prior  to  the expiration  of  ninety (90)  days from date of  its  adoption,  and the  Owner  of each Lot  subject  to such assessment  shall,  within thirty  (30)  days from  such effective date, pay to  the  Association  the  proportionate  part  of such increase  for the balance of the  year  in which  such resolution  is adopted; provided,  however,  that  no   resolution  of the  Board  of  Trustees which fixes  the amount  of  the regular  annual maintenance  charge or assessment  in  excess of  one hundred  twenty ­five  percent  (125%)  of the then existing  annual maintenance  charge or assessment  shall become  effective  unless  and until  such resolution  is ratified  either (i)  by   the written  assent of  the Members  of the  Association  who  in the aggregate then own  at  least  51%  of the  Lots  which  are then subject  to the  annual  maintenance  charge or  assessment,  if no meeting  of the  membership  is held for ratification,  or (ii) by   the assent of  51%  of the  votes of  the Members  of the  Association  who  are present  and voting  in  person or  by   proxy at  a special  meeting  of the membership  of  the Association  called  for this  purpose and at  which  a quorum  is present.  The  written  assent  or the  vote of the  Members must  be given  prior to the  effective  date  of the  resolution  of the Board  of Trustees.  No  increase in  the annual maintenance  charge or assessment  shall  take  effect retroactively.  The  Board  of Trustees may  decrease the  amount  of the  annual  maintenance  charge or assessment  without  ratification  by   or  assent of  the Members  of the Association.

If any resolution  of the  Board  of  Trustees which  requires rati­fication  by   the assent of  the Members  of the  Association  as above provided shall  fail to be so ratified, then  the amount  of  the regular  annual maintenance  charge or assessment  last in  effect shall  continue in  effect until  duly changed in  accordance with the  above provisions.

 Special   5.   Special   Assessments.      The  Board  of Trustees  of  the Association,  from  time  to  time  by   the adoption  of  a resolution  for such purpose,  subject  to ratification  by   the  Members  of  the Association  as hereinafter  provided, may  levy  and impose,  against each Lot  which  is subject  to the  annual  maintenance  charge,  a special  assessment  for a specific  amount,  which  shall  be equal  for

each such Lot,  for the  purpose of  purchasing  equipment  or  facilities for the Common  Properties  in Woodlake  Forest  IV  Subdivision  and/or for defraying  in whole  or  in part  the Cost  of  constructing  new capital  improvements  or  altering,  remodeling,  restoring  or reconstructing  previously existing  capital  improvements  upon such  Common Properties,  including fixtures  and personal  property related thereto; provided, however,  that  before any such resolution  shall become  effective  it shall  be ratified  either (i) by   the assent in writing  of the  Members  of  the Association  who  in the  aggregate then own  at least  75%  of  the Lots  which  are then  subject  to assessment  if no   meeting  of  the membership  is held for ratification, or  (ii) by the assent of  75%  of the  votes of  the Members  of the  Association  who are present  and voting  in  person or  by   proxy at  a special  meeting  of the membership  called  for this purpose at  which  a quorum  is present. The  Owner  of each Lot  subject  to such assessment  shall  pay his special  assessment  to  the Association  at  such time  or  times  and in such manner  as provided in such resolution.

 Section  6.    Quorum   for  any  Action   Authorized   Under   Sections   4  or  5.      The  Quorum  required  for any action  authorized  by   Section  4  or Section 5  hereof shall  be as follows:

At   the  first meeting  called, as provided in  Section  4 and Section  5  hereof,  the presence at  the meeting  of Members,  or  of proxies,  entitled  to  cast sixty percent(60%)  of all  votes of  the membership  shall  constitute a quorum.  If the  required  quorum  is not  forthcoming  at any meeting,  another meeting  may  be called  and the required  quorum  at  any such subsequent meeting  shall  be one­half  (1/2) the  required  quorum  at  the preceding meeting,  provided that  such reduced quorum  requirement shall  not  be applicable  to  any such subsequent meeting held more  than sixty  (60)  days following  the  preceding meeting.

 Section  7.    Liens to  Secure   Assessments.      The  regular  annual maintenance  charges or assessments,  and the  special  assessments,  as herein  above provided for, shall  each constitute  and be secured  by   a separate  and valid  and subsisting  lien,  hereby created  and fixed, and which  shall  exist  upon and  against each Lot  and all improvements thereon, for the  benefit  of  the Association  and all Members.  Subject to the  condition  that  the Association  be made  a party  to  any Court proceeding to  enforce  any lien  hereinafter  deemed  to be superior, the liens  created  hereby shall  be subordinate  and inferior to  (a) all liens  for taxes or special assessments  levied  by   the  City, County  and State  governments,  or  any political  subdivision  or special  district thereof,  and (b) all liens  securing  amounts  due or to become  due under  any mortgage,  vendor's  lien  or deed of trust filed  for record prior  to  the date payment  of  any such charges  or assessments  become due  and  payable,  and (c) all liens,  including  but not  limited  to vendor's  liens,  deeds of  trust  and other security instruments,  which  secure  any loan  made  by   any lender  to an Owner for any part  of  the purchase price  of  any Lot  when  the  same  is pur­ chased from  a builder  or for any part  of the  cost  of constructing, repairing,  adding to or  remodeling  the  Townhouse  situated  on   the Lot.  Any  foreclosure of  any such  superior  lien  under the  power  of sale of  any mortgage,  deed of  trust  or other  security  instrument,  or through court  proceedings in which  the  Association  has  been  made a party,  shall  cut off  and extinguish  the liens  securing  maintenance charges or assessments  which  became  due  and  payable prior  to such foreclosure date,  but  no   such foreclosure  shall  free any Lot  from the liens  securing  assessments  thereafter  becoming due and payable, nor  shall  the liability  of  any Member  personally  obligated  to  pay maintenance  charges or assessments  which  became  due  prior to such foreclosure, be extinguished  by   any foreclosure.

 Section  8.    Effect  of   Nonpayment   of   Assessment.      If any  regular annual charge or assessment,  or  if any special  assessment,  is  not paid within  thirty (30)  days from  the  due date  thereof,  the  same shall  bear interest  from  the  due date  until  paid at  the highest interest rate allowed  under  the laws  of  the State of Texas,  and if placed in  the  hands of an attorney for collection,  or  if suit  is brought  thereon, or  if collected through  probate or  other judicial proceedings,  there  shall  be paid  to  the Association  an additional reasonable amount,  but not less  than 10%  of  the amount  owing,  as attorney's  fees. The  Association,  as a common  expense of all Members,  may  institute  and maintain  an action  at law  or  in equity against  any defaulting  Member  to enforce collection  and/or for foreclosure of the  liens  against his  Lot.  All  such actions  may  be instituted  and brought  in  the name  of  the Association  and may  be maintained  and prosecuted  by   the  Association  in  a like  manner  as an action  to  foreclose the lien  of  a mortgage  or  deed of  trust  on   real property.

 Section  9.    Collection   and  Enforcement.      Each  Member,  by   his assertion  of title or  claim  of ownership  or  by   his  acceptance of a deed to  a Lot,  whether  or  not  it shall  be so recited  in  such deed, shall  be conclusively  deemed  to  have expressly  vested in the  Asso­ ciation, and in  its  officers  and agents,  the  right,  power  and authority  to take  all action  which  the  Association  shall  deem  proper for the collection  of  assessments,  regular or  special,  and/or  for the enforcement  and foreclosure  of the  liens  securing the same.



 Community   Services   Charge

The charge  and assessment  set  out  in this  Article  is, and shall be paid,  in  addition  to  the annual maintenance  charge  and special assessments  provided for in  the foregoing Article.

The  Properties  are a part  of the  greater  community  development known   as "WOODLAKE  FOREST",  and have been heretofore  subjected  to the "Community  Services  Charge"  provided for in  that certain in­ strument  dated August  17,  1971,  executed by   Friendswood  Development Company  and recorded  in  Volume  8558,  Page 417   of the  Deed  Records of Harris  County,  Texas,  which  instrument  is fully  incorporated herein and  made a  part  hereof for all  purposes by   reference to  the record thereof.  Whereas,  the annual Community  Service  Charge  was  reduced from  $100.00 per single  family  residential  liming  unit  to  an annual charge of  $35.00 per single  family  residential  living  unit originally set out in  the document  herein  above referred to  and was amended  by   that  certain  instrument  dated December  8,  1972, executed by   Woodlake  Forest  Community  Association,  Inc.  and recorded  under Documentary  File No.  D757758  in  the Official  Public  Records of  Real Property of  Harris  County,  Texas,  which  instrument  is fully incorporated herein and  made a  part  hereof for all  purposes  by reference to the  record  thereof.  Such  Community  Services Charge,  as more  particularly  described  in said  instrument,  was  established  in order  to provide a common  fund,  known   as the  "Community  Services Fund",  to  be applied  toward  the common  good of  the  several areas comprising  WOODLAKE  FOREST making  payments  into  such fund.  The particular  purposes for which  such Community  Services  Fund  may  be used are set  out in  the  above referenced  instrument.  In  general, however,  the  fund  is to  be used to  render  constructive  civic service, to  promote  the social welfare,  and to  promote  and provide educational  and recreational  services  and facilities  to  the residents and owners  of  property in  WOODLAKE   FOREST subject  to the Community  Services Charge.

Accordingly,  it is covenanted  and agreed  that  each Lot  in  the Properties  upon which  a  Townhouse has been built  and sold  by   a builder  and each  Lot  so improved which  the  builder  thereof  elects to retain for rental  purposes is hereby subjected  to  said annual Community  Services Charge  in the  initial amount  of $35.00 per  year, subject  to adjustment  as provided in the  referenced  instrument.  This charge  and assessment  against  each such Lot  shall  constitute  and be secured by   a lien  thereon as provided for in such referenced  instrument.

The  owner  of each Lot  subjected thereto  shall  pay the  annual Community  Services Charge  to WOODLAKE  FOREST COMMUNITY  ASSOCIATION, INC.,  a Texas non­profit  corporation,  annually in  advance of the first day of  January of  each calendar  year,  except that  from  and after  the date the  builder  conveys a Lot  with  a  Townhouse thereon to a purchaser  and from  and after  the  date  of completion  of a Townhouse on   a Lot  which  the  builder  elects to retain  for rental purposes,  the then purchaser or  Owner  of such Lot  shall  pay that  fractional  part of the  annual  Community  Services Charge  derived  by   multiplying  the annual Community  Services  Charge  by   a fraction,  the numerator  of which  shall  be the  number  of months  between the  first day of  the calendar month  next  following  said  conveyance or completion  and the next succeeding first day of  January  and the  denominator  of  which shall  be 12.

The  Community  Services Fund  shall  be administered  by   said WOODLAKE   FOREST COMMUNITY  ASSOCIATION,  INC.,  which  has jurisdiction over  and will  serve the greater  community  development  known   as "WOODLAKE  FOREST,"  in  accordance with  the provisions  of  the referenced instrument  creating  such fund,  and in  the  event of  any conflict  between  any portion  of  this Article  and any portion  of  said instrument,  the latter shall  govern  and control.



 Architectural   Control

The  Properties  are part  of a greater  community  development commonly  known   as "WOODLAKE  FOREST".  The  overall  plan for the development  of the  several areas or  elements  which  make  up   and are collectively  commonly  known   as "WOODLAKE  FOREST"  contemplates  cen­ tralization  of architectural  control  to  enhance,  insure  and protect the attractiveness,  beauty  and desirability  of the  area as a whole, while  at the  same  time  permitting  compatible  distinctiveness  of  the

individual  developments  within the  greater  area. For  this  purpose the "Woodlake  Forest  Architectural  Review  Board"  (the "Review Board")  has been established,  consisting  of  three (3) members appointed by   the  Board  of  Trustees of  WOODLAKE   FOREST COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION,  INC.

All  construction  and development  in  the Properties  shall  be subject  to the  approval  of the  Review  Board,  and no   building, structure  or other  improvements,  including  but not limited  to Townhouses,  exterior  painting,  and facilities  of the  Common Pro­ perties,  shall  be commenced,  erected,  constructed  or placed upon. the Properties,  and no   changes or  alterations  shall  be made  to any building  or  improvements  hereafter  constructed  or  placed thereon, unless  and until  the  plans  and specifications  therefor (specifying,

in  such  form as  the  Review  Board  may  reasonably  require,  structural, mechanical,  electrical  and plumbing  detail  and the  nature,  kind, shape, height,  exterior color scheme,  materials  and location  of  the proposed improvements  or alterations  thereto,  together with  site landscaping  and grading  plans, and plans  for offstreet  parking of vehicles) have been first submitted  to and approved in writing  by

the Review  Board  as to minimum  structural  and mechanical  standards, quality  of materials,  harmony  of exterior  design  and colors  with existing  structures,  and location  and situation  on   the  Lot  with respect  to topography,  finished  ground elevation,  property and building  lines,  easements,  walks  and parking  spaces.  Any  and all plans  and specifications  which  have not  been expressly  disapproved within thirty  (30)  days after  date of  submission  shall  for all purposes  be deemed  to  have been approved.

The  Review  Board  shall  have full  power  and authority  to  reject any plans  and specifications  that  do   not comply  with the restrictions herein  imposed or meet  its  minimum  construction requirements  or  architectural  design  requirements  or that  might  not be compatible,  in  the sole discretion  of the  Review  Board,  with  the design  or  overall  character and aesthetics  of  the Properties  and/or "WOODLAKE  FOREST".

In the  event the  Review  Board  shall  cease to function  as such at  any time  with respect  to  the Properties,  or if it shall  be dissolved, then  the duties,  powers  and authority  of  the Review Board,  insofar  as construction  in  or development  of  the Properties is concerned,  shall  become  vested in  and exercised  by   an Architectural  Control  Committee  to be composed  of  the Trustees of the Association  or such person or  persons as the  Trustees  may appoint  and designate  to act for them  in this  regard.




 Section  1.    Electric   Service.      An  underground electric distribution  system  will  be installed  within Woodlake  Forest  IV Subdivision,  which  will  be designated  an Underground  Residential Subdivision,  and which  underground service area shall  embrace  all Lots  in  Woodlake  Forest  IV  Subdivision.  The  Owner  of each Lot  in the Underground  Residential  Subdivision  shall,  at  his own  cost,  furnish, install,  own  and maintain  (all in  accordance with  the requirements of local  governing authorities  and the  National  Electrical.  Code) the  underground service  cable and appurtenances  from  the  point  of the electric  company's  metering  on   the  customer's  structure to the point  of attachment  at  such company's  installed  transformers  or energized  secondary junction  boxes,  such point  of  attachment  to  be made  available  by   the electric  company  at  a point  designated  by   such company.  The  electric  company  furnishing  service shall  make  the necessary connections  at said  point  of attachment  and at  the  meter. In addition,  the  Owner  of  each Lot  shall,  at his  own  cost,  furnish, install,  own  and maintain  a meter  loop (in accordance with the  then current  standards  and specifications  of  the electric  company furnishing  service) for the location  and installation  of the  meter of such electric  company  for the  Townhouse  constructed  on   such Owner's  Lot.  For  as long as underground service is maintained  in the Underground  Residential  Subdivision  the electric  service to  each Lot  therein  shall  be underground,  uniform  in character  and ex­ clusively  of the  type  known   as single  phase 120/240 volt,  three (3) wire,  sixty  (60) cycle alternating  current.

 Section  2.    Water   Service.      Water  service to the  Properties shall  be provided  by   the  City  of Houston,  Texas,  by  way  of water mains  to be owned,  operated,  maintained  and repaired  by   the City, and to  the  individual  Lots  and the  Common Properties  by   way  of

distribution  lines  to  be owned,  operated,  maintained  and repaired  by the Association  between the  point  of connection to the  city  water mains  and the  point  where  the pipe penetrates  the property line  of each Lot.  It shall  be the  responsibility  of  each Owner  to  maintain and repair  the  portion  of  the water  line  situated  on   his  Lot.

 Section  3.    Sanitary  Sewer   Service.      Sanitary sewer  service shall  be provided to  each Lot  and to  the  Common Properties  by   means of sanitary  sewer  collection  lines  within  the Properties  to  be owned,  operated,  maintained  and repaired  by   the Association,  and which  shall  connect  to the  main  sanitary sewer  lines  of  the City of Houston,  Texas.  It shall  be the  responsibility  of  each Owner  to maintain  and repair  the portion  of the  sanitary  sewer  line  which  is situated  on   his Lot.

 Section  4.    Natural   Gas   Service.      Natural  gas service  shall  be provided  to  each Lot  and the  Common Properties  by   a natural  gas company  through gas lines  in utility  easements  to  be owned, operated,  maintained  and repaired  by   such company.  The  Association shall  have the  power  and authority  to  grant  such other  easements  in, under,  upon and over  the  Common Properties  as the gas company  may require  to furnish gas service.  The  Association  shall  have no responsibility  for maintenance  of  any gas  lines.

 Section  5.    Telephone   Service.      Telephone  Service shall  be available  to each Lot  and the  Common  Properties  by   way  of

underground cables  which  shall  be installed, owned and  maintained  by the telephone company.  The  Association  shall  be authorized  and empowered  to grant  such specific  easements,  in,  under,  on   or above the Common  Properties  as the  telephone  company  may  require to  fur­ nish  such service. The  telephone  connections shall  be installed  at the  end of each tract  and any conduit  or other  material  required  by the telephone company  for installation  in  the  house shall  be the responsibility  of  the builder  and/or owner  of  the Lots  that  build  on each Lot.

 Section  6.    Storm   Sewers.      Storm  sewers  in  the Common Properties  for the  drainage of surface waters  shall  be owned, operated,  maintained  and repaired  by   the  Association.



 Utility   Bills,   Taxes   and   Insurance

 Section  1.    Obligation   of   the  Owners:

(a)  Each  Owner  shall  have his  separate electric  and gas  meter and shall  directly pay at  his own  cost and expense  for all electricity,  gas,  telephone service, water  and other  utilities used or  consumed  by   him  on   his  Lot.

(b)   Each  Owner  shall  directly render  for taxation  his  own  Lot and improvements  thereon,  and shall  at his  own  cost  and expense directly pay all  taxes  levied  or assessed against  or  upon his Lot  and his  improvements  and property  thereon.

(c)  Each  Owner  shall  be responsible  at  his own  cost and expense  for his own  property insurance  on   his Townhouse and contents  thereof,  and his  additions  and improvements  thereto, including  decorations,  furnishings,  and personal  property therein; and  also  for his personal liability not covered by  liability  insurance for all Owners  which  may  be obtained  by   the Association  as part  of the  common  expense in connection with the Common  Properties.


 Section  2.    Obligation   of   the  Association.

(a)  The  Association  shall  pay as  a common  expense of  all Owners  for all  water,  gas, electricity  and other  utilities  used in connection with the  enjoyment  and operation  of  the Common Properties  and Facilities  in Woodlake  Forest  IV  Subdivision,  or any part  thereof.

(b)   The  Association  shall  render  for taxation  and,  as part  of the common  expenses of all  Owners,  shall  pay all  taxes  levied or assessed against  or  upon such Common Properties  and the improvements  and the  property  appertaining  thereto.

(c)  The  Association  shall  have authority  to obtain  and continue in  effect  as a common  expense of  all Owners,  a blanket property insurance  policy  or policies  to insure  the buildings and structures on   such Common Properties  and the  contents thereof and the  Association  against  risks of loss  or  damage by fire and other  hazards as are covered under  standard  extended coverage provisions,  in  such limits  as the  Association  deems proper,  and said  insurance  may  include  coverage against vandalism  and such  other  coverage as the  Association  may  deem desirable.  The  Association  shall  also  have authority  to  obtain comprehensive  public liability insurance  in  such limits  as it shall  deem  desirable,  insuring  the  Association,  its  Board  of Trustees,  agents  and employees  and each  Owner  (if coverage for Owners  is available) from  and against  liability  in connection with such Common  Properties.

(d)   All  costs,  charges  and premiums  for all  utility  bills, taxes  and any insurance  to  be paid by   the Association  as herein above provided  shall  be paid out of  the Maintenance  Fund as a common  expense of  all Owners.



 Maintenance   and   Repairs

 Section  1.    By   the   Owners.      It shall  be the  duty, responsibility  and obligation  of each Owner  at his  own  cost  and expense to care for, maintain  and repair  the  exterior and interior of his  Townhouse and  improvements  on   his  Lot  and the  fixtures, appliances,  equipment  and other appurtenances  thereto, and also  the private driveway  and any sidewalks  on   the Common  Properties  which are appurtenant  to his  Townhouse. The  Association  shall  have no   duty or  obligation  to  any Owner in this  regard.

 Section  2.    By   the   Association.      The  Association,  as a common expense of all  Owners,  shall  perpetually  care for, maintain  and keep in  good repair  the  Common Properties  and Facilities  in Woodlake Forest  IV  Subdivision  and all parts  thereof,  including  but not limited  to,  the Private Streets and Drives,  landscaping, lawns, parking areas, buildings  and other  improvements  and the  utility facilities  owned  by   the Association,  except  that it shall  be the obligation  of  each Owner,  and not  the obligation  of  the Association, to  pay for the  cost  of repair  and maintenance  of the  private driveway  and any sidewalks  on   the Common  Properties  which  are appurtenant  to his  Townhouse.



 Building   and  Use   Restrictions

 Section  1.    Residence   Buildings   and  Garages.      No  building  or other structure  shall  be built,  placed,  constructed,  reconstructed or altered  on   any Lot  other than single  family  residence  houses (Townhouses)  which  shall  not  exceed three (3) stories  in height,  or contain less  than  sixteen  hundred (1200) square feet  of  living  area exclusive  of open or screened porches,  terraces,  patios,  driveways and garages.  Each  Townhouse  shall  have a garage or carport  on   the Lot  accommodating  at least  two  (2) cars. No  such garage shall  ever be changed,  altered, reconstructed  or  otherwise  converted for any purpose inconsistent with  the garaging of  automobiles.  All Owners,  their families,  tenants  and contract  purchasers shall  to the greatest extent  practicable  utilize  such garages  for the  garaging of vehicles  belonging to  them  and shall  not park such vehicles  on   the Private Streets and Drives,  or in  the guest  parking spaces.

 Section  2.  Townhouse  or   Patio   Home   Design.   The  Townhouses  or Patio  Homes  to be built  on   the  Lots  shall  be of  the townhouse  or patio  homes  design  and shall  be constructed  as attached  Townhouses or Patio  Homes  or  An  such manner  as will  create  the appearance of attached Townhouses  or Patio  Homes,  which  must  be approved  by   the Trustees of  the Property Owners'  Association.  If party  walls  are used,  they shall  be subject  to the  provisions  of the  following Section.  If party  walls  are not  used,  then the  exterior  of the  side walls  shall  be one (1) inch  from  the  dividing  line  between  Lots,  and to create  the appearance of  attached or  row  houses the  two ­inch space  between Townhouses  or  Patio  Homes  at the  front and rear elevations shall  be caulked or sealed  with suitable material  so that there shall  be no   visible open space  between  Townhouses  or Patio Homes,  and the  space between  roof  lines  or the  roof  line  of  one Townhouse or  Patio  Home  and the  wall  of  another  shall  be capped with flashing  material,  or  otherwise  covered in  accordance with good construction  practices,  to prevent rain  from  falling  between Townhouses  or  Patio  Homes.

 Section  3.    Party   Walls.      Party  walls  as part  of the  original construction  shall  in  all Cases meet  the  requirements  of the  City  of Houston  Building  Code  and other applicable ordinances,  rules or regulations  of the  City  of Houston  or  any of  its departments.  Each party  wall  shall  be placed  on   the dividing line  between Lots,  and to the extent not inconsistent  with  any of  the provisions  hereof,  the general  rules of law  regarding  party  walls  and liability for

property damage due  to negligence  or willful  acts or omissions shall apply thereto. If a wall  which  is intended as a party  wall  is through construction  error situated  wholly  on   one Lot  instead  of on the dividing line  between Lots,  such wall  shall  nevertheless  be deemed a  party  wall  for joint  use by   adjoining Lot  Owners.  Recip­ rocal  easements  are  hereby created  and shall  exist upon and in  favor of Owners  of adjoining Lots  for the maintenance,  repair  and reconstruction  of  party  walls  and the  foundation  footings,  piers  and beams  supporting  the  same.  Each  Owner  sharing  a party  wall  shall also be  deemed to  covenant  and agree  and shall  be bound as  follows: (a)  The  cost  of usual and ordinary  reasonable  repairs  and maintenance  of a party  wall  shall  be equally  shared by   the Owners  who  make  use of such wall.

(b)   If a party  wall  is destroyed  or  damaged by   or as a result of  any force,  act,  event or  occurrence  which  is not  caused or brought  about  by   the  negligence  of  any Owner  sharing  Such  party wall,  or if caused or  brought  about  by   the  negligence  of both, then either  Owner  who  has used the  party  wall  may  restore it and the  adjoining  Owner  shall  contribute  one­half  (1/2) the cost of  such restoration.  However,  if a party  wall  is destroyed or  damaged as a result  of  any negligent  act  or omission on   the part  of  one and not  the other Owner  sharing  such party  wall, then either  Owner  may  restore  such party  wall  and the  Owner  at fault  shall  pay or  contribute  the whole  cost of  such restoration.

(c)  Notwithstanding  any other  provisions  of this  Section,  an Owner  who  by   his  negligence  or willful  act  causes a party  wall to be exposed to the  elements  shall  bear the  whole  cost  of furnishing  the  necessary protection  against  such elements.

(d)   The  right of  any Owner  to contribution  from  any adjoining Owner  under  this Section  shall  be appurtenant  to the  land  and shall  pass to  such Owner's  successors in title.

(e)  In  the event  any dispute arises  concerning a party  wall, or under the  provisions  of this  Section,  the  same  shall  be resolved  and settled  through  the  process of  arbitration.

Each  party  to  the dispute shall  choose  one arbitrator  and the two  arbitrators so chosen shall  choose a third  arbitrator,  and the decision  of  a majority  of  the arbitrators shall  resolve and settle  the  dispute  and shall  be binding  upon all  parties  to  the arbitration. Should  any party  refuse to  choose  an arbitrator within ten  (10)  days after  written  request therefor,  the  Board of Trustees  of the  Association  shall  select  an arbitrator  for the refusing  party.

 Section  4.    Residential   Use.      Each  Lot  (including  land and improvements)  shall  be used and occupied  for single family residential  purposes only.  No  Owner  or other  occupant  shall  use or occupy his  Lot,  or permit  the same  or  any part  thereof  to  be used or occupied,  for any purpose  other than as a private  single  family residence  for the Owner  or his  tenant  and their families.  No  Lot shall  be used or  occupied  for any business,  commercial,  trade  or professional  purpose either  apart  from  or  in connection with the  use thereof as a residence,  whether  for profit  or  not.

 Section  5.    Temporary   and  Other   Structures.      No  structure  of  a temporary  character,  trailer,  mobile  or  motor  home,  modular  home, tent,  shack,  barn or any other  structure  or  building,  other than the Townhouse  residence  to be built  thereon, shall  be placed  on   any Lot, either temporarily  or  Permanently,  and no   residence  house shall  be moved upon  any  Lot  from  another  location;  except,  however,  that during  the  construction  and sales  period  of  the Townhouses,  a builder  may,  upon obtaining  permission  of  and on   conditions specified  by   the  Review  Board,  erect  and maintain  such temporary structures on   any Lot  as is customary  in connection with the construction  and sale  of houses,  including,  without  limitation,  a temporary  office  building,  storage area,  signs and sales  office.  A builder  shall  also  have the temporary  right  to use a Townhouse  as a temporary  office  or  model  home   during the period  of  and in connection  with  his construction  and sales  operations  in the Properties,  but  in no   event  for more  than  a period  of  one (1) year

from  the  date  of substantial  completion  of his  last  Townhouse  in the Properties.

 Section  6.    Private  Driveways   and  Sidewalks.      At   the  time  a Townhouse  is constructed,  the builder  shall  also construct,  at  no cost or  expense to the  Association,  a driveway  of  sufficient  width to accommodate  at  least  two  (2) cars to  serve such  Townhouse.  The

driveway  shall  extend from  the  dwelling  across the  Common Properties to the  street  or drive.  All  driveways  shall  have a concrete  finish. If the  plans  and specifications  provide for and the  Review  Board approves  any sidewalk,  the  same  shall  also  be constructed,  at  no

cost or  expense to the  Association,  at the  time  the Townhouse  is constructed,  and all  such sidewalks  shall  also  have a concrete finish.  Such  driveway,  and any such  sidewalks,  shall  be repaired  and maintained  at  the sole cost  and expense of  the  Owner  of  the

Townhouse  to which  such driveway  and any such  sidewalk  are appurtenant.  An  easement  over  and across  the  Common Properties  is hereby created  and established  for the  use,  construction,  repair  and maintenance  of such driveway  and any such  sidewalks.

 Section  7.    Antennas.      Outside  TV­FM  antennas shall  be  allowed; however,  no   antenna shall  be erected  as a free­standing  structure. All  antennas must  be attached  to the  Townhouse and  be  erected  so as to minimize  their view  from  the street  side of the  Townhouse.  Short wave  and/or  other radio  antennas shall  not be  installed  or constructed  within the  Properties.

 Section  8.    Fences.      All  fences must  be approved  by   the  Review Board  prior to installation  and thereafter  maintained  in a  neat  and presentable manner  at  all times.

 Section  9.    Particular   Landscaping.      At   the  time  a Townhouse  is constructed,  the  builder  shall,  at no   cost or  expense to the Association,  also  landscape the  open area  between the  dwelling  and the adjacent street,  exclusive  of  driveway  and sidewalk  surfaces. This  landscaping  shall  conform to  the overall  landscape scheme  for the Properties,  and  upon completion  of such landscaping it shall thereafter  be cared  for and by   the  Builder  or Owner  until  such time  as it is sold  and occupied  by   a Purchaser.  The Association  is hereby granted  an easement  for the purpose of caring for and maintaining  the portion  of such landscaped area  within any Lot  between the  Townhouse and  the Common  Properties  on   the  street side of  each Lot.

 Section  10.      Nuisance.      No  noxious or  offensive activity  shall be carried  on   or permitted  upon any  Lot  or upon the  Common Properties,  nor  shall  anything  be done thereon  which  may  be or become  an annoyance or nuisance to  the  neighborhood  or to  other

Owners.  The  Board  of Trustees  of the  Association  shall  have the  sole and exclusive  discretion  to  determine  what  constitutes  a nuisance or annoyance.  No  repair  work,  dismantling  or  assembling  of  motor vehicles or  other machinery  or equipment  shall  be done or  permitted on   any street,  driveway  or other  portion  of  the Common  Properties.

 Section  11.      Signs.      No  sign  of  any kind shall  be displayed  to the public  view  on   any Lot  or  the Common  Properties  except as follows:

(a)  Builders  may  display  one (1) sign  of  not  more  than  six  (6) square feet  on   any unimproved  or improved  Lot  to advertise  the Lot  and  any  Townhouse situated  thereon  for the  sale during  the construction  and/or  sales period.

(b)   For  so long as Marvin  Henry  Builders,  Inc.  shall  own  any Lot  in the  Properties,  no   sign  of  any kind  may  be displayed  or suffered to  be displayed  to  public view  on   any Lot  by   any Owner unless  and until  the  size, shape  and subject  matter  thereof shall  have been approved  in  writing  by   the  said  Marvin  Henry Builders,  Inc.,  which  shall  have the  sole discretion  to  approve or disapprove  the display  of  any such sign.  At   such time  as Marvin  Henry  Builders,  Inc.  shall  no   longer  own  any Lot  in the Properties,  the Board  of Trustees  of the  Association  thereupon  shall  succeed to the right  to approve or  disapprove,  in its sole discretion,  the display  of  any such sign.  The  Association  shall  have the  right to remove  any sign,  billboard  or other  advertising  structure  or device which  is placed on   any Lot  in violation  of  this Section and to  recover  all  costs of  such removal  from  the responsible party.  The  Association  shall  not  be subject  to  any liability or claim  for trespass  or  other tort in  connection  with  or arising from  such removal.

 Section  12.      Animals.      No  animals,  livestock  or poultry  of  any kind shall  be raised,  bred or  kept on   any Lot  or on   any portion  of the Common  Properties,  except  that dogs,  cats or other  common household pets (not  to exceed three [3] adult  animals)  may  be kept, but  they shall  not  be bred or  kept for commercial  purposes.

 Section  13.      Removal   of   Dirt.      The digging  of  dirt  or the removal  of  any dirt  from  any Lot  or  from  any portion  of  the Common properties  is prohibited,  except as necessary in conjunction  with landscaping or construction  of improvements  thereon.

 Section  14.      Garbage   and  Refuse   Disposal.      All  Lots  and the Common  Properties  shall  at all  times  be kept  in  a healthful, sanitary  and attractive  condition.  No  Lot  or  any part  of the  Common Properties  shall  be used  or  maintained  as a dumping  ground for garbage, trash,  rubbish  or other  waste  matter.  All  trash,  garbage or waste  matter  shall  be kept  in  adequate containers  with tightly fitting  lids,  which  shall  be maintained  in  a clean and sanitary condition  and screened  from  public  view. There  is hereby reserved  in favor  of the  Association  the  determination  of  the method  of  garbage disposal,  that is whether  it shall  be through public  authority  or through private  garbage disposal  service.  No  garbage,  trash, rubbish,  debris  or other  waste  matter  of  any kind shall  be burned  on any Lot.

 Section  15.      Parking   Areas.      The  portions  of  the Common Properties  designated for parking of vehicles  are for the temporary use of Owners  and their guests,  visitors and invitees.  No  boat, trailer, camper,  motor  home  or mobile  home   shall  be parked  on   any such parking area or other  portion  of  the Common  Properties.

 Section  16.      Use   of   Common   Properties.      There shall  be no  ob­struction  of  any part  of the  Common Properties,  which  are intended to remain  unobstructed  for the  reasonable  use  and enjoyment  thereof, nor  shall  anything  be done or  kept on   the Common  Properties  which would  increase the  rates or  result  in  the cancellation  of  any in­ surance relating  to  the Common  Properties  or  any part  thereof.  No Owner  shall  appropriate  any part  of  the Common  Properties  to his exclusive use, except  for the required  and/or  approved driveways  or sidewalks  thereon which  are appurtenant  to his  Townhouse,  nor  shall any Owner  do   anything which  would  violate the easements,  rights and privileges  of  any Owner  in regard  to  any portion  of  the Common Properties  which  is intended for the  common  use  and benefit  of all Owners.  Except  as may  be herein  required  or  permitted,  no   Member shall  plant,  place,  fix, install  or  construct  any vegetation,  hedge, tree,  shrub, fence,  wall,  structure  or improvement  or  store any of his  personal property  on   the  Common Properties  or  any part  thereof without  the written  consent  of the  Association  first obtained The Association  shall  have the  right to  remove  anything placed on   the Common  Properties  in violation  of  the provisions  of  this Section  and to recover  the  cost  of such removal  from  the  party  responsible.

 Section  17.      Clothes   Drying.      Open  air  drying of clothes  shall be confined  to individual  patios  on   the Owner's  or resident's  Lot and must  be kept  screened  by   adequate planting  or  fencing so as  not to be visible from  adjoining Lots  or other  portions  of the Properties.

 Section  18.      Septic   Tanks.      No  privy,  cesspool or  septic tank shall  be placed or maintained  upon or  in  any Lot  or  other portion  of the Properties.

 Section  19.      Combining   Lots   or  Portions   of  Lots.      Any  person owning  two  or  more  adjoining Lots,  or  portions  of  two or  more  such Lots,  may  with the  prior  approval  of the  Association  and the  Review Board  consolidate  such Lots  or portions  thereof into a single building location  for the  purpose of  constructing  one (1) Townhouse  (the plans and specifications  therefor  being approved as herein  above set forth) and such  other improvements  as are permitted  herein, provided,  however,  that  all lots must  be a minimum  of  twenty­four (24) feet  in width.  No  Townhouse  may  be erected  on   less  than one whole  Lot,  unless  the prior written  approval of  the Association  and the Review  Board  shall  have been obtained.


Section 20.     Storage.     (inadvertently  omitted?)


Section  21.      Number   of  Units.      The  number  of  units  to be constructed  in Woodlake  Forest  IV,  Section  "B",  shall  not  exceed 156 dwelling  units.



 General   Provisions

 Section  1.    Duration.      The  rights,  use easements  and  privileges of the  Owners  and all other easements  in or  to the  Common  Properties and all other terms,  covenants,  conditions  and provisions  of this Declaration  shall  be  deemed to  be covenants running with the  land and shall  be of  perpetual  duration,  except that:

(a)  The  provisions  for Architectural  Control  set  out  in Article VIII  above  and the  Building  and  Use Restrictions  set  out in Article  XII  above (excepting  Section  16   which  shall  be of perpetual  duration),  and the  provisions  for the Maintenance Charge  Assessments  set  out in  Article  VI  above (other  than in respect  to the  maintenance  and repair  of the  Private  Streets  and Drives in  which  respect  and for which  purpose the maintenance charge shall  be of perpetual  duration),  shall  run with the  land and be in  effect for an initial term  of  thirty­five  (35) years from  the  date  this Declaration  is filed  for record,  after which time  they  shall  be automatically  extended for successive  periods of ten  (10)  years  each unless  within five  (5) years prior  to the expiration  of  the initial or  any extended term  the  same  are amended,  changed or  terminated  in  whole  or in  part  by   a written agreement  signed,  acknowledged  and filed  for record  by   the  then

Owners  of  at least  75%  of  the Lots  in Woodlake  Forest  IV  Subdivision,  in which  case such agreement shall  take effect  upon the  expiration  of the  term  then in effect,  and

(b) the provisions  for the  Community  Service  Charge  set  out  in Article  VII,  above,  shall  run with the  land  and be in  effect for the period  of  time  provided for in said  instrument  recorded in Volume  8558,  Page 417   of  the Deed  Records  of  Harris  County, Texas and the  said  instrument  recorded  under Documentary  File No.  757758 in  the Official  Public  Records of  Real  Property of Harris  County,  Texas,  which  is until  July  20,  2000,  and for successive  ten  (10)  year periods of  extension unless  the  Owners of the  majority  of the  living  units  in WOODLAKE  FOREST paying such charge vote to  discontinue  such charge.

 Section  2.    Enforcement.      The  Association,  as a common  expense to  be paid out of  the Maintenance  Fund,  or  any Owner  at  his own expense,  shall  have the  right  to enforce by   proceedings at  law  or  in equity all  restrictions,  covenants,  conditions,  reservations,  liens, charges  and assessments,  and all  other  provisions  set  out  in this Declaration.  Failure  of  the Association  or of  any Owner  to take  any action  upon any breach  or  default  of or  in respect to  any of  the foregoing shall  not  be  deemed a  waiver  of  their right  to take enforcement  action  upon any subsequent  breach  or  default.

 Section  3.    Amendments   by    Declarant.      The  Declarant  shall  have and reserves  the  right at  any time  and from  time  to  time,  without  the joinder or consent of  any Owner  or other  person,  to  amend  this Declaration  by   any instrument  in writing  duly signed,  acknowledged and filed  for record,  for the purpose of correcting  any typographical or grammatical  error,  ambiguity  or inconsistency  appearing  in  this Declaration,  provided that  any such amendment  shall  be consistent with  and in  furtherance  of the  general  plan and scheme  of  development as evidenced by   this Declaration  and shall  not impair  or affect the  vested property or  other rights  of  any Owner  or his mortgagee.

 Section  4.    Interpretation.      If this  Declaration  or any  word, clause,  sentence,  paragraph or other  part  thereof shall  be  susceptible  of more  than  one or  conflicting  interpretations,  then  the interpretation  which  is most  nearly  in accord with the  general  purposes and objectives  of this  Declaration  shall  govern.

 Section  5.    Omissions.      If any punctuation,  word,  clause, sentence or  provision  necessary to give meaning,  validity  or effect to  any other  word,  clause,  sentence or provision  appearing  in  this Declaration  shall  be omitted  herefrom  then it is hereby declared that  such omission  was  unintentional  and that  the omitted punctuation,  word,  clause,  sentence or provisions  shall  be supplied by   inference.

 Section  6.    Gender   and  Grammar.      The  singular  wherever  used herein shall  be construed  to mean  the plural when  applicable,  and the necessary grammatical  changes required  to  make  the  provisions hereof  apply either  to corporations  or individuals,  male  or  female, shall  in all  cases  be assumed  as though  in each case fully expressed.

 Section  7.    Severability.      Invalidation  of  any one or  more  of the covenants,  restrictions,  conditions  or provisions  contained in this Declaration,  or  any part  thereof,  shall  in  no   manner  affect any of the  other  covenants,  restrictions,  conditions  or  provisions  which shall  remain  An  full  force and effect.




Fannin Bank,  a state  banking corporation,  with its banking quarters  in  Houston,  Texas,  the owner  and holder  of  the sole lien covering  the  Properties,  has executed this Declaration  to  evidence its joinder in,  consent  to  and ratification  of the  imposition  of the foregoing covenants,  conditions  and restrictions.