Zero Lot Line Standards


Recently a situation occurred between homeowners that provides us with an opportunity to review a part of our Covenants and Restrictions. Please take a few minutes to review the following:

The Woodlake Forest iV, Declarations of Covenants and Restrictions states the following under Article XII, Section 3B, and Page 6:

“The right of ingress and egress are hereby created and shall exist upon and in favor of the Owner of Zero Lot Line wall for the maintenance, repair and reconstruction said wall or the foundation.”

The right of ingress and egress within the easements to the Zero Lot Line Walls is reserved for general maintenance and repairs, etc., to be performed during reasonable day time hours.  However, NO patio homeowner, under any condition can deny their neighbor access to the three (3) foot easement wherever a Zero Lot line wall exists. 

Furthermore, please be aware that all repairs, maintenance MUST BE  preapproved in writing by the Board of Trustees and must be in line with the above Covenants and Restrictions.  Homeowners who need access to maintain or replace their  zero lot line wall’s façade need to request their neighbor to unlock any existing  gate to allow such work to be performed. 

Once written Board approval is obtained you, as the homeowner, do not need to have the permission from your neighbor to get the work done on your wall or sign any release or show a City of Houston permit to your neighbor.  However, you DO need to make arrangements with your neighbor to access the easement and get work done during reasonable hours of the day. 

In the event that after you have received the written Board approval and access is denied by your neighbor you have every right to seek legal counsel for a Restraining Order and seek damages and financial losses from your neighbor.  Although your Board of Directors hopes that homeowners do not have to file lawsuits against their neighbors in an upscale neighborhood like Woodlake Forest IV, unfortunately a similar situation has recently occurred requiring your Board to reiterate the right of ingress and egress even though it is hard to image that this kind of situation actually happened. 

We urge to you to be good neighbors since we all live very close to our neighbors and let’s all be guided by the Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions.  As another reminder, good neighbors should not plant any climbing vegetation on their neighbor’s zero lot line wall to prevent any damage to the structural integrity of the wall.  

 AUGUST 20, 2009

Holding an ESTATE SALE or GARAGE SALE is a VIOLATION of the Deed Restrictions.